20 November 2009

Montana's Bridge to Nowhere

Do you know about this "bridge to nowhere"?
This steel truss bridge over Shonkin Creek in the Highwood Mountains in North Central Montana is located about 13 miles west of Geraldine and just off the county road. Historian Jon Axeline, Montana Department of Transportation, believes it is unique in the state of Montana. If you know when the bridge was built or have other details about it, please contact the Ken Robison or Hank Armstrong at the Overholser Historical Research Center in Fort Benton at riverplains@mtintouch.net


Jon Trott said...

I have no idea, but that bridge is a fixture in my childhood memories -- we swam nearby every summer and drove by it innumerable times. I photographed it myself last time I was visiting Fort Benton and our old Shonkin farm.

Fort Benton Historian said...

Thanks to good sleuth work by Dennis Nottingham, it looks like the "rattlie bridge" was planned in 1927 and built in 1928. Thank you Dennis!