29 March 2010

2nd Printing for my book FORT BENTON!

Arcadia Publishing has just advised that my book, Fort Benton, is out of stock, going into reprinting, and due out about the end of April 2010. FORT BENTON was released by Arcadia Publishing July 13, 2009.

FORT BENTON tells the story of Fort Benton on the Upper Missouri through postcard images and accompanying stories.

Fort Benton is the head of navigation on the Missouri River, the “birthplace of Montana,” and it’s history spans every era in Montana’s development. Fort Benton, founded in 1846 as a fur trading post and named for Senator Thomas Hart Benton, is Montana’s oldest continuously occupied white settlement. Built on a broad river bottom along “nature’s highway,” American Indians crossed the north-south ford, and Lewis and Clark navigated the waters before white settlement. Arrival of the first steamboats from St. Louis and completion of the Mullan Wagon Road from Walla Walla in 1860 heralded the steamboat era bringing gold seekers, merchant princes, scoundrels, soldiers, North West Mounted Police, and eventually women and children to the wild frontier. Then came the railroads, open range ranching, and homesteaders by the thousand. Today, Fort Benton serves the agricultural Golden Triangle and presents its colorful history through cultural tourism.


Karen M Robinson said...

I have been infactuated with Ft Benton since I spent a week camping there just as they were building the campground near the fairgrounds.

So happy to find this blog. I have been re-living many travels made in Montana in search of history

Karen M Robinson

Fort Benton Historian said...

Glad you found my blog. I did a double- take when I saw your name--my daughter is Karin M. Robison. Wow!